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My name is Edwana Adams, I am a Certified Hypnotherapist. My interest and studies does not stop there, I am currently studying at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in the Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology my goal is to become a Holistic Practitioner, introducing to those who are seeking a Positive & Healthy Lifestyle - the pathway to achieving it. . I have been a Vegan for 11 years. I believe that Whole Health consist of body, mind and spirit. With my interest in Holistic Nutrition and Life-Coaching, makes me a sincere advocate of nutrition with a definite commitment to health and wellness. These days, labels proclaiming an item to be a “healthy choice” have been added to everything from sugary breakfast cereals to processed frozen dinners.It is my belief that thought proceeds substance. In other words, before a person can initiate a change in his or her life, they must first initiate a change in their mind.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Basics

Through my studies, I have learned that being aware of my vibes begins with common sense.  That means giving my body what it needs so that my awareness can function on an elevated level.  The main use of common sense is getting enough rest as well as making sure that my diet consists of life giving forces.  This should not be an issue for me because, I do daily meditation to rid any stress that may prohibit me from getting the proper rest.  Refreshing my body and doing nothing will allow me the inner space that is needed to refuel my psychic engines and perceive the subtle voice of spirit.  I also learned that I must first change my attitude and that I can’t lock my sixth sense out of my life.  Although my sixth sense may be dormant, it is natural and I can advance it by believing that it is possible.  I learned that I can’t progress if I refuse it or argue with myself about it.
I have to be connected to my body and to the support the earth.  If I am not grounded, my energy gets blocked and I won’t be able to draw enough energy to activate my higher awareness.  This will completely cut me off from my intuition. Our bodies follow spiritual law and anytime that I feel ungrounded, I usually to something physical like taking a brisk walk to get back into my Divine flow.  When my mind is clear, my aura is cleansed and my attention is harp.  The body has its unique signals and there are ways to react to keep the body balanced. Opening a channel of communication with the body is the beginning of creating a better physical and psychic health.

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